April 2, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Shen Yun ‘Brings a Lot of Hope in a World Where We Live in War,’ Says Company Director

LYON, France—On Wednesday, February 8, Lyon was resonating with the sounds of ancestral China as the Amphitheatre 3000 welcomed the sold-out Shen Yun Performing Arts, which was performing from Saturday, Feb. 4 to Thursday, Feb. 9.
Magali Esposito is a company executive in real estate strategy, and among the theatergoers.
“I find the show absolutely fantastic! We are not used to seeing this type of show in Lyon, which perfectly combines dance, acrobatic [techniques], singing, and music,” she said,
New York-based Shen Yun is the world’s top classical Chinese dance company. In the performance’s presentation booklet, we learn that “classical Chinese dance was once passed down among the people, in imperial courts, and through ancient plays. Over thousands of years, it was constantly refined, eventually developing into the vast and distinctly Chinese dance form we know today.”…
Source: The Epoch Times