March 22, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

‘Shen Yun Is Like a Show From the Heavens’: Korean Professor

BUSAN, South Korea—A Korean law professor was touched by Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Sohyang Theatre in Busan on Feb. 4. He said “Shen Yun is like a show from the heaven sand is as glorious as a divine creation. Extremely beautiful.”
Mr. Kim Man-woong, law professor at Silla University, was wowed by the skills and techniques of Shen Yun dancers.
“I was sitting in the front row, and I could see their movements clearly. Wow! Their skills are superb! This is a really world-class show,” he said. “Regular dancers move softly. But Shen Yun dancers have this powerful force, like martial artists. Their dances have both energetic spirit and artistic value.”…
Source: The Epoch Times