June 5, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Shocking Assaults on Toronto Transit Highlight Need for Better Policing, Social Standards: Experts

News Analysis
The multiple-stabbing incident on Toronto transit on Dec. 8 is only the latest such crime in recent months, and some say increased violence in general can be blamed on the trend of judges going too soft on crime, ineffective policing, and the unravelling of stable families.
The random double stabbing at the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) High Park subway station killed 31-year-old Vanessa Kurpiewska and injured a 37-year-old woman. Neng Jia Jin, 52, was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder in connection with the incident.
A handful of assaults on or around TTC stations had occurred earlier in the year. In April, a woman was arrested for allegedly pushing another woman onto the subway tracks at the Bloor-Yonge station and leaving her seriously injured in the fall. The same month a man was shot and killed outside Sherbourne station and another was stabbed on the St. George subway platform….
Source: The Epoch Times