February 4, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Six Types of Bad Employees

A new Gallup survey suggests that half of American workers are quietly quitting and only 20 percent are actively engaged in their work. There are plenty of reasons for this and that could include bad bosses, substance abuse, a dopey company, or meaningless work such as that one does on contract for government.
But let’s be real: the work ethic is in tatters. Many if not most employees are awful. Let’s go through the six main types.
The Braggart. This is the person who never fails to trumpet to everyone even the slightest evidence of productivity. This usually backfires and ends up highlighting just how little the braggart actually does. The work ethic means not to brag or seek praise for your work. Your productivity will be noticed regardless. No reason to post every completed task in the general Slack channel. You can pretend that you are boosting company morale but you are really just boosting your own status. If anything, giving credit to others who help you makes others feel wonderful. This helps your karma, and you get the benefit eventually….
Source: The Epoch Times