December 9, 2022

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

Texas Frontline Doctor Could Lose Medical License Over Anonymous Complaint

A Texas frontline doctor who has been critical of COVID-19 vaccines could lose her license following an anonymous complaint claiming she endangered a patient.
The complaint alleges Dr. Angie Farella, a pediatrician in Webster, Texas, endangered a patient who arrived at a hospital with breathing problems in 2021.
Farella must appear before the Texas Medical Board on Sept. 9.
“I think it’s a political hack job,” she told The Epoch Times. “I think someone Googled me and saw that I was outspoken and didn’t like that.”
The incident that triggered the complaint began when the patient’s parents weren’t satisfied with the care she was getting at a hospital and called Farella. Farella spoke to the ER doctor who thought the patient could have COVID-19, although the patient had tested negative three times….
Source: The Epoch Times