February 1, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

The day the Stanley Cup went to school

What seemed like any other day for a high school geography class turned into a once in a lifetime experience.

Columbine High School teacher Jeff Garkow says he was concerned when members of the school’s administration kept coming by his classroom Tuesday afternoon.

It turns out it wasn’t anything he needed to be worried about.

Garkow, a huge Colorado Avalanche fan, was shocked to witness the Stanley Cup being carried into his classroom and placed in front of him.

Video posted on social media shows his and his students’ reactions.

Garkow shared his feelings about the surprise with CBS News Colorado.

Stanley Cup at Columbine High School


“The Cup was a surprise delivery from a Columbine alum who works for the Avs. The team had a free day with the Cup and they were taking it around Denver, and she decided to bring it by CHS. I was absolutely shocked to say the least, and it honestly took me a second to comprehend what was happening.”

The fortunate students in the classroom ran to grab their phones so they could take pictures with the historic hockey championship trophy.

“I was shocked when I saw such a famous trophy in MY classroom,” student Lydia shared. “It was quite the surprise.”

Other teachers and staff trickled in to sneak a peek and get a picture with the Cup.

“It was so awesome that they stuck around for quite a while and let students and staff members get pictures with the Cup and talked about the history of the trophy with us,” Garkow expressed.  “That is most definitely a memory that I will always remember and I’m so glad that the students in class had the opportunity to be a part of it too!”

The Keeper of the Cup, Philip Pritchard, who carried it into the classroom, tweeted later that after the Cup left the school, it spent that evening with Denver Broncos players including quarterback Russell Wilson.

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Source: Rocky Mountain News