March 28, 2023

Dawson County Journal

Dawson County, Nebraska

The Family Table: Thanksgiving Corn Pudding From Everyone’s Next Mama

Submitted by Victoria Emmons, Missoula, Montana
One day, my sister Anita called me in a panic. She was hosting friends for Thanksgiving dinner in her Park Avenue apartment in New York City. She had misplaced our grandmother’s recipe for corn pudding. In our family, any holiday feast is incomplete without “Mama’s Corn Pudding,” as my mother dubbed the recipe.
“Pour yourself a glass of Cabernet and calm down,” I told Anita. “No need to stress. I can text you the recipe.”
I sifted through the vegetable section of my recipe box No. 4 and found Mama’s Corn Pudding on a slightly stained 3-by-5 card with the remnant of a shriveled, flattened corn kernel stuck to the back of the card. The recipe was dutifully preserved in my mother’s handsome cursive writing….
Source: The Epoch Times