‘Utterly Delusional’: Jordan Peterson Lambasts Australia’s New Emissions Reduction Target

Clinical psychologist and media personality Jordan Peterson has delivered a stinging criticism of the Australian government’s adoption of higher net-zero emissions reduction targets, warning it will “devastate” the country.
In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Peterson was lambasting a May 2022 report from auditing giant Deloitte on climate change modelling, claiming that inaction could cost the world $178 trillion by 2070.
“The utterly delusional leaders of Australia, who additionally committed—that resource-dependent and productive country—to a 40 percent-plus decrease by 2005 standards in greenhouse gas emissions within the impossible timeframe of eight years. This will devastate Australia,” he said.
The Labor government has locked in a 43 percent emissions reduction target by 2030—up from the previous target of 26-28 by the same year—while also staying committed to achieving net-zero by 2050….
Source: The Epoch Times

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